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Blank Baseplates

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2023 6:38 pm
by SamXTherapy
Everybody knows the old "flip over the plate" method, which doesn't work on many pedals, and everyone probably knows about the bike chain links method, too.

I have several pedals which don't like having the base flipped over and the bike chain thing never appealed to me. I like the immediacy of Dual Lock (and if you use velcro, don't; use Dual Lock instead, it's far better). Anyhow, I decided to get some blank plates for me pedals, and bought 'em from these lads: ... -plates-2/

They come with velcro as standard but I ordered 'em without. Placed the order on a weekend, and the things were there the following Monday.

For me in the UK, they were the lowest cost available - you get a discount for bulk orders - and reasonable shipping costs. Good quality but what's to say about a simple metal plate, other than they were the right size with holes in the right places? All installed and everything is good.

Re: Blank Baseplates

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:31 pm
by laurie
That looks pretty reasonable if buying in quantity...

I used to be able to buy spare baseplates from Roland here in Canada. Haven't tried for about 15 years though :?

What I really need is a CNC machine to make my own baseplates (only a couple of hundred grand for the one I want!)... plus a 3D metal printer. Plus... oh, nevermind. It wouldn't all fit in the garage!

Re: Blank Baseplates

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2023 12:33 am
by SamXTherapy
I think it's high time the pedals were supplied without the rubber attached, but included if you really wanted to stick it on.

I get the idea behind the new bases - did you notice the previous version had even less space than the originals? - but it's not ideal.